Yours Truly

The flow is so gentle, with a melody of a good Jazz song mixed with a modern R&B ballad. Slow and easy, not forcing your words upon the reader but allowing the heart to willingly allow them to flow within it, and never want them to leave. Such a rich sensuality that one can’t help but feeling that your words, and the feelings they express, are making love with the reader and the reader can’t help but return the feelings, never wanting it to end.


    Jessica Torres is a multifaceted creative based in Queens, New York.
A Self-Published Writer/Poet, R&B Influenced Spoken Word Artist, Model and Actress.

Anger Transformed Into Passion, and expressed as Love.

Powerful, witty, a gal who thrives in the city.

The real deal who no one can copy, sell off, or steal.

Beautiful words. Beautiful soul. Beautiful person.

Spoken Word Pieces, Performances, Original Music,

and more of her work can be found on : 

Visuals : Youtube

Audio : SoundCloud

Who is Jessica Torres?



Connect with Jessica :




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47 thoughts on “Yours Truly

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  2. Hi Jessica I feel brain dead at the moment and I am sure I saw your contact information, things are that shot at the moment, I would say it is 230 this Sunday until 830 PM. It should be an easy gig and you are closer to the location than I am. I will send further information if this works for you and I will advise the client that I am set.


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      1. OK it will be Sunday at 230-830. Normally I charge more but settled at 110 each and I split tips and this is a smat party. It is around 29th and 9th. I will get finalized results and let you know:)


  3. BlueSkyVail

    Your music and your poetry is absolutely stunning. The messages you convey with your work are powerful and true- it’s inspiring and mesmerizing. I hope you continue with this talent. I think it’s beautiful.

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  4. Hello! Yes, I followed because I read your most recent poem and thought you had a remarkable talent. Look forward to future posts, I found it while searching through the tag of poetry. Hope you read some of mine as well! Thank you for stopping by!


  5. Hey there! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the follow – means a lot! Apologies for the delayed response – had some technical hitches!
    Anyway, have been reading your work – very creative and expressive – great stuff. Will be back! 🙂

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